Job Fairs

jobfairsI would like to share one more experience with you about…. 🙂

On 2014 when I passed out MCA with first class and went out for job,I saw there are number of competitors who want to get one chance or opportunity to prove them-self. And one day, from somewhere I heard about job fair.I did registration for that, which was going to held on Sinhagad Institute Ambegaon Pune. Including me we were 6 friends who did registration.
We went there early in the morning at 8 am. The reporting timing was 9 am.
They declared list of the companies on their notice board. There were total 30 companies  in the list . From 9 am to 3 pm we were waiting in the queue to enter into the hall.
After getting entered in the hall they were demanding  250 Rs  for confirm registration. We told them we did online registration but they said you have to pay 250 Rs for confirm the interview process. Finally We paid the registration fees and then again stuck in queue.
After 2 hr we got entered in the main hall, where the interview process will conduct. And I got shocked, when I saw there were  total 7 companies for interviews and only 3 of them were for IT remaining for BPO’s .We asked their volunteers about that, they told the companies got left because they hired employee and they were full fill there requirement.We said no problem lets attend the interview of the rest of the companies.
Again we were in queue for the interview for so called company *****.
I thought the HR would ask me about technical or educational background but he stop my interview just because of I passed out from Dr.BAMU. I got shocked. I heard that earlier, some of the Pune based companies doesn’t allow the BAMU students.I thought that was just rumours. But I experienced that first time.
I did argued with them 5 to 10 mint said you can take one demo round or test. They didn’t convinced. Lastly after all of this conversation he said” hey, we conduct one special test for BAMU students here I have list for that and I am going to add you too in the same list you will get the call from our side”.
I said “OK, nice to meet you sir”. Then I left from that queue and sat outside the college. I was so depressed and was thinking , What the f*** he has problem with the university.
That one also bad experience for me.What should you decide in this case, Should students go for this type of job fare and waste their valuable time?? From my point of view this nothing more a big waste of time 🙂
Thank You 🙂

College Days

This is just beginning of my new blog… I am going to start writing soon 🙂

College Friends

I started study for my further Education And Got Admission for Graduation(Bachelor of Computer Science) in Vasantrao Naik College , Aurangabad. I Got couple of friends there, but only two of them was my best friends name sai and amol, They got admission in our college for IInd year, They were doing Graduation from other college, but on last Exam of 1st year they got information that there were no any facilities for scholarship. So Because of that they took admission in our college. We had lot of fun, we three went together in college and left also. If amol couldn’t came in college then sai and me didn’t if sai or me then amol didn’t.

In My First Scholarship they give me party. I ate noodles 1st time and got stomach problem not because of noodles, they stupid knew that I was eating 1st time, they took advantage on that and said “eat this chuteny….its compulsory whenever we eat noodles…”eat this another good flavor of that they gave me near about three flavor with half of that pot…

So whenever you are doing something new, never trust on friends, because they never let go the chance, you have to be yourself, really that was funniest memorable movement for me.

In last year our graduation we joined class to make good hand on programming skill. I wanted to share one funniest event happened with us that..

My Story


MY name is Suraj Vasantrao Binorkar, Actually the purpose of writing of this story is I wanted to share my all good or bad experiences with you. I Wouldn’t share each and every movement with you because it may quite boring to you, This is First time I am creating blog so read ones and help me to improve my skill.

I am proper from Aurangabad, did MCA in University Department of Management Science Aurangabad. My family background is, I am belong to middle class family my father is Government Servant, Mother is house wife and one Elder sister she is married now living in yatamal district.

Now I am going to start my story, it may quite boring to you or may little hard to understand because my English writing skill is not very much good So skip the part or sentence that you won’t get.

In my entire life I left near about 10 to 12 jobs, I will share with you what was the experience or had experience while I was doing job. We will see, First of all lot of thanks to my teacher name is Mr. Anand Surywashi. He’s so strict person. We were all scared of him. From class 8th to 12th he taught us in short we can say he took our charge to lead any proper goal. His teaching technique was unique, why I am saying unique because when I was in 11th he’s class time was early in the morning that is 5am to 7am. And one hr break then 9am to 1pm, again 1hr break then 2pm to 7pm.See First 2 hr then 4 then 5 hr he was trying to increase our capacity to keep calm, silent or we can say potential which help in future career. But really telling because of him I learned lot of things from him, so thank you sir.

Famous Author said is correct that “Everything happened in our life is good for us”.

When I was 18 year old my couple of friend’s govind and I did job as casual worker in one small scale garbage industry. That time my financial condition was good, but I didn’t know why I joined that company . There was One contractor  referred us because he earn  50% money who joined referred by him,  but the funniest fact is that I joined that company in morning 10am and left it on 7pm,I run away and decide that never going back in such type of industries again. The reason why I left that job because while I was doing their work, I was thinking I am 12th passed student and what I am doing. This kind of thinking comes in our mind when the work get overload and one of their seniors were ordering us whose 8th or 10th pass employee ordering us ,just because they had experience of 1 or 2 year they were shouting or abusing us. So I left that job and focused on study for 12th, this was my 1st job experience.

Suraj Binorkar

Suraj Binorkar